Monday, December 3, 2012

REVIEW - PePe&Jony the sonata - paper.cheeze.plate.

Last month I bought rapper and Ultimate MC Battle champion 晋平太's (Shinpeita) latest release, a compilation of various artists who competed in UMB, all coming together to contribute their own original tracks as well as a cypher type track as the opening. Number three on the album's first disc is Peep Show by PePe&Jony the sonata and upon hearing them I had to find out more. Luckily I found their album on iTunes and that's about it. On to the review!

1.Paper - Paper is an instrumental track with an mix of your typical hip hop style drums (bass, hi-hat) and some amazing piano and rain throughout. I'll say it here, it's not all too common, but it was in good hands; this entire album is produced by CARREC.

2.JP SHIT - Besides the intentional static throughout the song which is annoying when listening via headphones, this is a very solid track. Good deep bass and a loud snare make up the beat along with guitar during the hook. A very solid opening track to show off PePe&Jony the sonata.

3.Blue Jeans has a very mellow feel to it, a very strong bass and various instrumentals in the back layer including an amazing violin and what is closest to an electronic jazz keyboard. P&J have very smooth flows throughout.

4.Park - Park is a very old-school track, heavy bass, scratching and a saxophone and keyboard meld into a very DLIP-esque track, like something you may hear from BLAHRMY or Dinary Delta Force. P&J show they can spit powerful flows just as well as they can smooth.

5.backspace - This track has a very upbeat, heavy on the kicks kind of flow, very addictive and features some nice electronic elements, some kind of whaling sound that brings atmosphere to the track amazingly enough. A very addictive track with that nice icing on the cake Japanese/English hook.

6.SUBLIMINALone feat. Decibel147 - This is a trip into the past with a beat consisting of bass, snare and some very old-school blues guitar. The track features Decibel147, no idea who he is, but it's always nice to discover new rappers who no one should sleep on in terms of skill. What's nice about this track is that you have three entirely different flows, none are even slightly similar and it makes for a seamless interconnecting cypher style track.

7.Backpack trip - another very upbeat..beat with trumpet throughout with even some jazz piano near the end. P&J alternate back and forth during the hook and as much as I try and pick one over the other it's very hard, sort of like comparing apples to oranges.

8. cheeze. - cheeze. is an instrumental track that reminds one of summer, with the birds and upbeat track and elegant choir music that doesn't overpower the track makes for a nice soothing interlude.

9. Thinking Deep feat. TSUBASA - Think Deep from the very beginning is a very smooth and old-school track, with P&J's slower flows and an electronic R&B feel to it and the amazing vocals of label-mate TSUBASA singing the in this case, chorus makes for a beautifully produced song. The lyrics "Every night I dream of you." & "Hold me tight forever and ever." really bring out the emotion intended.

10. KZ GROOVE - This is a good almost interlude with a bass and bongo drums and rapping, P&J rap about their hood KZ a.k.a. Kanazawa.

11. Peep Show - This is my favorite song on the album, because I've heard it before. Hearing Peep Show on 晋平太's new compilation album of rappers who've competed in the Ultimate MC Battle working together and i was instantly sold, that song showed what they could do and CARREC as a producer, Peep Show gave me enough confidence to buy this album and know it wouldn't suck. The track is extremely catchy and upbeat consisting of electronic beeping that amazingly works quite well. This track shows how these guys can rap over even the most fast and non hip hop style tracks, all part of freestyle and MC battles. There are drums and female vocals as well as piano leading into the hook.

12. night onion - The track starts off with instrumentals like the first Zelda game, if they used guitar instead of piano back then that is, but quickly leads into a slow drum and harp with female vocalizing. A very different track, but thats good, it's not something you've heard 50 times, another reason to check out anything CARREC produces. Tracks like these are really where P&J shine, just smooth, slow flows, not screaming. Very good cruise music in my opinion.

13. 屋根裏部屋 (Attic) - This track has piano like a Final Fantasy game, but quickly switches to jazz piano and consists throughout the song, having some catchy riffs as well. P&J have strong, but smooth flows throughout in which Jony proclaims "I'm a JTS."

14. Crock Party pt.2 - The track starts off with Latin dance music and for the most part remains constant, the powerful trumpet works well along with P&J's flows. This is a new take on an old-school partying song you might hear in hip hop.  I've never heard part one or have any clue where to and it's a shame because part 2 is great.

15. plate. - plate. is a nice instrumental interlude that sets up the final track well. A very nice smooth jazzy hip hop track.

16. Undaworld - Undaworld has a very upbeat clapping and piano throughout and features fast rapping from P&J. It all comes together in this song and makes for a very energetic track that you can definitely groove to. Overall, a very nice song to end a lengthy album with.

I bought paper.cheeze.plate. on faith from a song I'd heard on another album and had no way to tell if it were any good, besides sound clips. I'm very glad i dis, because it turned out to be a great album that rivals any duo who released albums this year, from Norikiyo and Ojibah with OJIKIYO x NORIBAH or BRGK & ZEUS (Yellow Diamond Crew) with D.A.W.N. , PePe&Jony the sonata aren't well known yet, but if they keep putting out quality works like this, they'll blow up on the scene.

I bought my copy of paper.cheeze.plate. from iTunes for $11.99 which is a great deal for a 16 track album.


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