Thursday, May 31, 2012

Album Review: SADS - The Rose God Gave Me

Since we had an artist spotlight on the punk band The Stalin this week, courtesy of R.Y.O, I thought I'd do a review of one of my absolute favorite albums today. Though Sads are technically classified as visual kei, and Kiyoharu is one of the pioneers of the now-iconic 90s Nagoya-kei sound, most people who have heard this album thought it was pure punk from around 1985... Mind, these were some of the vets of the punk scene, not a musically oblivious 8th grader. The Rose God Gave Me is an artistic triumph, and brilliantly put together. From the CD cover to each page, to the themes of the tracks, Sads aim to tell a story with each album, but still to leave you wondering, what story was it that you heard.

Song of the Day - Red Rose - When the Sun Goes Down

So, we've recently stumbled upon this awesome band from Israel, and we thought we'd share the goods.

And yes, there was no Song of the Day post yesterday... because I suck. I'm sorry!! It has been a very busy time. Whoever says you can't make a living as a freelance writer is a liar...but, it's a lot of work!

ARTIST PROFILE: Orphaned Land - Metal For A United People

Orphaned Land are a band that defies the normal standard of what a metal band should be. Hailing originally from Israel, their music is a call for peace between the different warring states, religions, and ethnicities. The premise is that through music, all people of the world can be united. It is with this in mind that Orphaned Land create their music.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Interview - SUAKA - Metal Band From NYC with Indonesian Roots


Today, we are catching up with the mega-epic band Suaka from NYC! They blend Indonesian influences with hard, heavy METAL. They sat down to tell us a bit about their experiences and influences throughout their 11 year history.