Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hakai Hayabusa ( ハカイハヤブサ )

While waiting in the clubs for the headliners to play, I've often discovered new bands I would have otherwise never known existed.  I've been introduced to some really great bands, and really great people via this method. One such notable group I've met via a random encounter is the band Hakai Hayabusa (ハカイハヤブサ).
Pictured: KZ (Gu./Vo.)
Hakai Hayabusa was formed in 2002 and was originally a three piece band. Hakai Hayabusa currently consists of four members:
KZ (Guitar, Vocals)
Nori (Drums)
Moby (Bass, Chorus)
WACK (Guitar, Chorus)

I've rocked out with Hakai Hayabusa live a few times. I remember first seeing them (meeting them, and partying with them) on August 8, 2008 at a show in Tokyo. I was at the show to support my friends in the band Chokesleeper, but before they were due up to the stage that evening, this super chill, surf-punk band ruled the stage (Hakai Hayabusa).

At the time, I had no idea who they were or if I even liked their music. It wasn't until after a night of drinking with them, that I went home and found some of their songs online. I was instantly in love with catchy tunes, a throwback for me to the 7th grade (when I listened to Sublime heavily).

HAKAI HAYABUSA - One Love Is Everything

I've seen ハカイハヤブサ perform a few times since 2008, the last time being at the 2010 Kyoto Daisakusen. They played on the small stage, and they rocked it hard despite being placed in a competitive time slot. The most notable difference about the band at the time was the new Bassist, Moby, who rips on bass and was also very friendly to me backstage.

I walked up to them, albeit a bit confused because I knew Nori (the drummer) and KZ (Guitar and Vocals) but I didn't recognize Moby. Nori immediately recognized me, shouting "HEYYY ALANNN!" in his deep, unique sounding voice. Nori's voice is awesome. We shared a few laughs as we downed a few beers together backstage. It's always great to catch up with old friends.

ハカイハヤブサ - Yesterday

Since then, the band has added an additional guitarist named WACK, who I've never seen perform with the band personally, so I can't comment on him directly. But I loved ハカイハヤブサ as a three piece, so I can't imagine them being any less diverse with the addition of WACK to the group.

If you enjoy listening to this band, be sure to share some of these videos on Facebook and Twitter! These guys are awesome people in real life, and I... Support... AWESOME.

ハカイハヤブサ - One Day

Learn more about Hakai Hayabusa by visiting the Hakai Hayabusa website, and be sure to click around on the various pages to see what they're all about!