Monday, June 25, 2012

Short Live Show Recap - Suaka at Saint Vitus Bar - July 23rd 2012

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of catching a Suaka show at the undoubtedly haunted Saint Vitus heavy metal bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The night was fraught with ill luck, cameras not working and running out of batteries, strange shapes showing up in photos, and dead birds on the sidewalk.

Now, let's start from the beginning, because that tends to be a good place to start. St Vitus is a great venue for heavy metal bands - the atmosphere is dark and dreary, and filled with faux-Illuminati decorations. Admission was $10 and came with a drink voucher - although, as me and my ego's dedicated photographer Shelley Hoang (who provided the photos for this post) found out, the drinks suck. I suppose, they get better the more you drink them. The acoustics are to die for, though. Everything can be heard PERFECTLY. St Vitus is basically an audiophile's dream. 

Suaka put on a very energetic show, and a very loud one at that. It was a short set, because there was a total of four or five bands performing - I kind of lost track of the exact number. It was a very enjoyable show. I seriously recommend you see those guys live if/when you get the chance, because they're pretty cool.

Also performing were several other bands, including Earworms, and a band named Cunts from Australia, if my ears didn't fool me at the time. It is the most hilarious thing to hear someone using the word Cunts in a serious context - but, that's probably because I am, like, twelve in my brain. Tee-hee. Cunts. Anyway, the other bands were also pretty good. It was a solid show all around. Hipster Kitty approves.

Now as for the venue... yup, it was definitely haunted. I have to do more research on the subject, but strange shapes kept showing up on the photos Ms Hoang took without flash - even if we all held absolutely still for the photo ops. I suspect evil spirits. Although, if St Vitus wasn't haunted, they'd probably bring a couple of ghosts in from Rent-a-Ghost Warehouse just to complete the atmosphere. 

You can check out our previous interview with Suaka HERE.

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