Thursday, August 9, 2012

ALBUM REVIEW - 迷子 & TOMOZ - Yellowish Green Radio EP

After religiously following 2Dcolvics music blog I discovered this album and the artwork caught my eye, very urban in feel. Now on to the artists. 迷子 (Maigo) & TOMOZ迷子 is an emcee from Saitama, Japan who started rapping around 2001 and was part of an group called KUROCODAiLL and is currently signed to G.M.P. (Get More Props) Records. TOMOZ is a Hip Hop/R&B producer, DJ and CEO of bull star Records, also a part of G.M.P. 

Yellowish Green Radio was released on iTunes just yesterday, but has gotten some considerable hype, because if there's one thing G.M.P. knows how to do, it's how to get their artists props! YGR starts off with in my self and is an old school song that mixes a vocal track,hi-hat and heavy bass drums. 迷子 raps over this track that you could consider an intro. Next is tag match, which contrary to the name, it does not involve multiple emcees tagging in and out to spit. tag match has a very almost West Coast Hip Hop style beat and by extension so does 迷子's flow. The beat consists of heavy piano and bass with rhythmic piano strokes for lack of a better word and a clapping backing track.

so what starts off with piano and a child choir that transforms quickly into a sampling along with keyboard, drums and a heavy bass. The track features 迷子 and  KULO from D.P.G. JAPAN (Dogg Pound Gangstaz Recordz) an artist on the Japanese branch of Dogg Pound Gangstaz Recordz founded by Daz Dillinger. This track features a nice mixture of rapping in Japanese and English. 絆 part.2 has a very mellow beat and features 迷子, TAKUMA THE GREAT a Taiwanese/Japanese rapper and a member of Forte, HOOLIGUNZ and CHOPSTICK FANTASY as well as LOOTA from SQUASH SQUAD rapping. The final track is called time over and like the rest of TOMOZ's tracks, has a very West Coast, cruising through the hood kind of feel to it. This song was also the one they used for the PV which you can see at YouTube

If there is anything I can say even slightly negative about this album, it would be that it's just an EP and kinda short, but when something is good you want more so that's a good sign and this was definitely worth the money at just under $5 on iTunes. I will definitely be on the look out for new releases by 迷子 & TOMOZ!


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