Friday, May 18, 2012

KISS / Motley Crue Tour Dates

A Kiss/Motley Crue tour, definitely what the good doctor ordered.

I'm not sure about KISS, but Motley Crue give a great show. I've seen some old Kiss live footage before, but how good of a show they gave back then and how good it will be now, is two different questions.

On the other hand, Motley Crue... I'm staring at the box of the Carnival of Sins live DVD, tempted to watch it again. It was an engaging and entertaining performance, and very energetic.

One does wonder, however, if the fact that two huge bands are playing will mean neither is given time to be their ABSOLUTE best.

Will anybody be going to see them? You can check the full list of tour dates here:

I don't know if I would want to go. While I really like Motley Crue, I don't like huge venues that are filled to capacity. I prefer more intimate shows by far. Still... it IS KISS and the Crue. Decisions, decisions, haha...

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