Wednesday, October 31, 2012

RIZE 2012 Fallin' Tour

RIZE TOUR 2012 - Sponsored by Stride gum

Everyone's favorite Japanese grunge-rock band RIZE is back at it again, along with the release of their newest single, "Local Defense Organization." 

Tomorrow's show in Osaka represents the tours halfway mark, with just three shows scheduled to finish out the tour. I had the privilege of attending the Tokyo show at Shibuya-Ax. Tensions were high before the show, with everyone showing signs of nervousness before taking the stage in front of 1,000+ screaming fans.

Despite the pre-show jitters, the show went off without a hitch. Everyone was extremely hyped to watch as RIZE kicked off their 2012 tour at Shibuya-Ax. The set lasted for about an hour and a half, yet somehow it just wasn't long enough. RIZE played to the crowd's excitement, and the energy inside the building nearly blew the roof off the whole fucking place. There is nothing quite like being inside a RIZE mosh pit. Nothing at all.

RIZE - Gunshot Live - 2012 Fallin' Tour

Sorry for the poor sound quality in this video. Please use your imagination.

The band has since played in Sendai to another highly energetic and ecstatic crowd of RIZERS. Tonight the band is back on the road and on their way to Osaka to play to another sold out crowd at Osaka Namba Hatch.

If you are in Japan right now, you still have a chance to catch this amazing band live if you so choose to. Make sure to catch them in Osaka, Nagoya, Okayama or Fukuoka if you live in any of those areas. Take it from me, you don't want to miss this tour! I've seen RIZE tons of times, yet somehow each coming show is always seemingly better than the last. Perhaps this is because the band is growing tighter, or perhaps it's because of the legions of new RIZERS joining the ranks at each new show. 

Backstage with Jesse at Shibuya-AX before the show.

It's like Jesse said in one of my interviews in 2008, there is no RIZE without the RIZERS. The only way to fully comprehend the meaning of this powerful statement is to check 'em out live and feel the vibes for yourself.

SuperGaijinAlan interviews Jesse (RIZE) in 2008

I look forward to catching up with them in Osaka, and then again in Nagoya. See you all at the show! 

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