Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Song of the Day: Melechesh - Negative Theology

I will admit that I find metal rooted in traditional music to be  one of the most engaging genres possible. From Orphaned Land to ChthoniC, from Kagrra to Rudra, I find myself enchanted by the timeless melodies that echo amidst the clanging chaos and the sounds of battle. Metal is meant to portray a battle - perhaps that is why some of the heaviest metal comes from Scandinavia, where vikings had once feasted in the name of Odin and planned their battles. In that line of thought, the Middle East should also produce music of battle, music of war, music steeped in blood and tears and sweat and history - and they do. Melechesh is one such band, and today's song of the day is a prime example of excellent metal. 

Melechesh cannot be accused of being a very melodic band - their traditional influences lay buried farther down, in their very lyrics. Their lyrics ponder the meaning of religion in Negative Theology, a deliciously heavy black metal track. I dare you to listen to this and NOT want to headbang. Just try it. It's simply not possible.

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