Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Song of the Day: Silver Ash - Gorgeous Devil

Many of the veterans of the visual-kei scene will be familiar with the name Silver Ash. Silver Ash are one of the first visual kei bands to come out from China, having been founded in Beijing. They are not well-known to most younger fans (who, at most, are familiar with ParanoiD, Venue, and other current VK bands from Hong Kong), but at one time they were rather popular. Their song Gorgeous Devil is one of my favorite tracks. 

Normally I am not fond of music in Chinese, as it's the hardest language to understand. Notable exceptions exist, of course, and the mysterious quality of "Oh my god I can't understand this but it's so lovely" win me over every time. Silver Ash's music has a sort of innate gentleness to it, and it sneaks upon you unexpectedly. You can't help but like it and listen to it. It is most regrettable that I will probably never get a chance to see Silver Ash live, as I am certain it would have been a great show to see.

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