Monday, May 28, 2012

Song of the Day - The 6th Degree - Jabberwocky

Today's song of the day choice is a bit different from what I've picked in the past. The 6th Degree are a pretty cool experimental band from Washington DC. I spent a couple of hours listening to their new EP, Svara, and I enjoyed it very much.


This song is the fifth track on their album, which was released 17th April, 2012.

Now, as for updates regarding blog activity... We are currently trying to iron out the kinks and wrinkles that tend to pop up, and trying to appease an assortment of irritated platypuses. If the previous sentence made no sense... that's probably because it doesn't.
Now, I am off to continue working on awesome things... while I'm at it, check out The 6th Degree's Bandcamp page! 

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