Sunday, May 20, 2012

Song of the Day - DMC Soundtrack - Should This Revenge Be Taken

Yesterday was one of THOSE days after my song of the day post.

Some guys who came to paint the studio, painted all the doors while they were shut. Result? The foam in between the door and the doorframe got soggy with paint, and dried... which means the door did not open so easily, lol.

Fortunately, ChthoniC are as great for cutting your way into places with an exacto knife while screaming obscenities as they are for blowing up pixels on a screen with a volcano.

As for today? Well, revenge is in order, obviously. They tore off all the stickers from all the doors also, and didn't even paint some of them.

In retaliation, I will be drawing a giant koala making obscene gestures on our door. Yes, I am a very mature individual, aren't I. 

And... the song of the day is from the DMC soundtrack. Now, yeah, I know, they're technically not a real band. Technically DMC are the Dethklok of Japan. The story is that of a wanna-be pop singer who signed to a metal label, and became the legendary Lord Johannes Krauser II. He tries his best to get away from that image, but somehow, Krauser and him are becoming one... It doesn't help that he sucks at pop music. 

I fucking loved that movie. It's definitely my number one. The whole soundtrack was amazing!! They had some big names in on the thing, like Gene Simmons (y'know, that guy from KISS), Kenichi Matsuyama (who played L in the Death Note movies) and one of my personal favorites, KAZ from Detrox and Sads. I nearly shit kittens when I realized he makes a cameo in the movie!! 

There is also an anime, and a manga. All three are supremely awesome. I've heard rumors of an upcoming sequel to DMC movie, and I hope it is true, as they've barely covered the first few volumes of the manga. There's so much gold they could still dig with that!!!

If, for some reason, there was ever a strange and mysterious DMC world tour in real life... I would so totally go to DMC!!!

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