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ALBUM REVIEW - Taika - Ganmen Chakuchi (CD & DVD)

When most people think of beatbox they think of one of those huge boombox's from the 90's that people would carry around, not the growing art of vocal percussion. Beatboxing is a form of vocal percussion primarily involving the art of producing drum beatsrhythm, and musical sounds using one's mouth, lips, tongue, and voice. Vocal percussion in some way has been around since at least 2,000 years ago with Bol in India and Kouji in China. Anyway enough of the history lesson, let's get back to the matter at hand.


Taika (太華) (MSC) is one of the founding members of hip hop group MSC aka Mic Space Crew and is very well known for his beatbox skills. Just like his fellow MSC members Taika is an artist under LIBRA Records which includes famous artists such as DJ MUTA, AXIS, JUSWANNA, TABOO1, SHINGO ☆西成 and SATUSSY just to name a few. Taika collaborates with people from all walks of life including BMX, skating and b-boys/girls.

I've been a fan of beatbox since I saw TYKO, Taika's protege who he taught how to beatbox worked with 雅-MIYAVI- since then I've been a fan of the radio program he and SharLee host and that's how I found out about this album which I pre-ordered knowing from listening to the show that this was going to be good. But was I right? Is Ganmen Chakuchi  (顔面着地worth buying?!  Read on to find out! 


1.INTRO-This is just a very good short introduction consisting mostly of bass and high hats.

2.CYPHER-This track was literally recorded in some random room while the members of MSC hold a cypher while Taika does beatbox to it. It’s very good in terms of flow and rhythm.

3. Pad BEATBOXING is a mixture of Guru (Gang Starr) rapping and Taika’s beatbox.  The track is produced by K-MOON (AFRA & The Incredible Beatbox Band).

4.指と唇と私- Is a mixture of amazingly ethereal electronic music courtesy of famed DJ group Kireek and Taika’s beatbox. Very good dance track.

5.太 -MAGNON- This is a Jazzy hip hop song mixing keyboard drums and beatbox. Very good traveling music. This track is produced by famous producer CRO-MAGNON

6.サナギ式- This song features RUMI who raps along to Taika’s beatbox some a great mixture of electronic music and is produced by SKE.

7,StEpS-This is a very good soft song reaturing very famous reggae artist PUSHIM’s rapping and beautiful singing along with beatbox by Taika. This track is produced by my favorite DJ; DJ BAKU (POP GROUP ENTERTAINMENT).

8. サナトリウム-This is yet another well produced instrumental this time produced by EVISBEATS and features Taika’s beatbox and rapping by SHINGO ☆西成 and (DJ) DARTH REIDER.

9. 所信表明-This song is the mix of genres to end all mix ups. This track starts off with KenKen (RIZE/KenKen of INVADERS) signature bass and JUMBO MAATCH (FIREBALL) starting rapping then MC Kan (MSC) joins in. Mind you all of this is going on while Taika beatboxes This amazing well synced track is produced by DJ TAKAKI.

10.運営FIVE- This is a compilation of clips from the Ultimate MC Battle from 2005/6/7 and features beatbox by Taika, SharLee and MASTER with cuts by DJ MUTA and DJ Kohaku.

Ganmen chakuchi is a rare treat and it’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before or will ever hear. It’s a nice way for people to discover beatbox and it has a wealth of famous and very good artists from rappers to singers to DJ and even quite possibly the greatest bassist in the world! Yes KenKen is awesome don’t forget that. The album also contains instrumental tracks for サナギ式, StEpSサナトリウム and 所信表明 as bonus tracks.


If the album isn’t enough for you to buy it then maybe the 2 discs will persuade you. The album comes in a DVD case because it features both a CD then a DVD of the making of the tracks and PV’s.

Be sure to check out Taika and his partner in crime and fellow beat boxer and BMX rider SharLee every Wednesday JST for their weekly hip hop radio program

Taika & SharLee have also released a DVD of the recordings of each weeks hip hop show where they go and meet artists and do a little cypher during each program as well as interview them. Famous artists from Japan and the rest of the world including the godfather of beat boxer out of the UK Killa Kella! It's all compiled in a very well structured DVD called Breath-Tube.

Note- The Killa Kella interview is on the DVD that comes with this.

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