Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Interview: Discount Romance! Zombies, Weed, and Rock n Roll

Alright, all you marvelous perverts, today there's something extra epic in store for you. Remember yesterday's Song of the Day? Y'know, that one that's about Mary Jane? (Suddenly, I wonder why Spider-man's girlfriend was named Mary Jane.)

Well... we've gone into the jungle of the internet, and after a long and grueling hike, we have tracked down Discount Romance somewhere high in a cave on a mountain. Having been located, they (and namely Dong) have consented to come down on his motorcycle, and talk to Rising Sun Freestyle about the sweetleaf, zombies, their music, and how awesome they are. No, seriously, check this out!!


RSF: Let’s start with your upcoming album. What is the theme, and the inspiration behind it?

Dong: We actually have a very unique situation with this album, our manager who also financed the entire album is writing the lyrics and basis music chords to the songs. He is a big time writer in Hollywood that just wanted to do music but can't play musical instruments himself so he picked us out from among many others in Southern California to be his vessel for music. The music is very eclectic, ranging from an anthem to all pot-heads of the world to a song about female masturbation, falling in love with a short girl and getting to the Mardi Gras party on Bourbon street :D

RSF: How will your upcoming music be different from what you have done in the past?

D: Well now that we actually have a band formed together, we'll be working closely together with our manager to write new songs and because of the melting pot of influences between each member, the music is definitely going to be unique and somewhat unorthodox.
RSF: How did Discount Romance meet each other, and what is the meaning behind the name?

D: There's no real meaning behind the name except that it sounds cool to us and was brought up when we were talking about prostitution and how cheap it is compared to having to take a girl out on countless dates before you fuck her. Take a whore out and you don't even have to finish feeding her a nice meal before you fuck her brains out.

RSF: Since the formation of Discount Romance, Armageddon has been postponed and
repressive regimes everywhere are falling. Does the band secretly moonlight as

D: We don't believe in superheros, we believe in super villains and that's who we think we are. If we killed off zombies it's only so we can take the decomposing carcasses to throw around at tourists visiting Hollywood. In fact, we set up a rotting zombie head outside the Madame Tussaud's museum outside for tourists to pose next to and crack up when they marvel at how real it is.

RSF: Once the band hits the road, what cities would you like to play in?

D: Definitely every city that has enough hot chicks to fit into our RV so that we can use them as bait to lure out Zombies. But if not then maybe New York, London, Singapore, Las Vegas, Detroit, Vancouver and Chicago.

RSF: You get to play any venue you can think of. What is the first one you would pick?

D: I think having a floating stage in the middle of the Caribbean sea with our fans packed into four surrounding cruise ships would be an ideal show for us.
RSF: Will you have any new music videos coming up? Sweetleaf was an awesome one!

D: Music videos? Well we actually have another video called Carrie's Got a Lover that's out on Youtube somewhere. we aren't making any more until the album is released.

RSF: Is there an artist one of you likes, which the other members absolutely cannot listen to?

D: Yeah, definitely Kent and his pink unicorn band. He actually has a band of pink unicorns that he listens to and no one else really cares about his pink unicorn band.
Pink... unicorn... band?
 RSF: We have found ourselves wondering, just how much weed HAS been consumed during the making of Sweetleaf music video?

D: We don't really know since our bassist got everything for us, but that little zig man thing? it was FILLED!!
RSF: Is there any message you would like to send to your fans that are reading this??
D: Thanks for the support and for coming out to shows in the LA area. For the foreign fans we'd like to say thank you for reaching out to us when we would never have thought that people outside our of demographic area would even have heard of us. Hopefully we get our shit done quickly so we can tour and come out and actually meet you guys and party in person and show you guys how we roll our sweetleafs.   

RSF: Finally… The zombie apocalypse is coming. How do you prepare, and what are you armed

D: Womanly cries of insanity filled nagging, drop Z guitars, amps that go to 22 and a drum set that sets off earthquakes when you hit it. That's our only defense!
Having acquired this information, we have left Discount Romance in peace until their new album comes out. However, our readers are STRONGLY encouraged to view all their current music videos, and poke them mercilessly on Facebook until they come to your city and pass the weed.
If you're based in Los Angeles, you are probably much more likely to see them sooner than later. So remember to like them!  Big thanks to Dong and Discount Romance for participating!!

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