Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Most people outside of Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan have no idea who BLAHRMY are and it's a shame because they are among the new breed of hip hop in Japan. BLAHRMY consists of SHEEF THE THIRD AKA DACOCK MORRAY and MILES WORD AKA BITTER THE TOPPOMAN and are a part of BLACK LIST POSSEBLAHRMY's first release, an EP called Ducks Moss Village sold out immediately after it was released back in 2010 and are back this year with their first full album A REPORT OF THE BIRDSTRIKE. Is the new album the same calibur of their previous? Read and find out!

1.NAGMATIC INTRO - This intro consists of some American talk radio host talking about the latest birdstrike in America, the famous Miracle on the Hudson in which birds got into the engine of a plane and the pilot managed to land it safely on the Hudson river in New York. The rest consists of a very raw bass and drums beat and rapping.

2.CONTEST WINNER - This song has a very militant kind of feel  in which SHEEF and MILES rap with a catchy chorus of each alternating letters to spell out B.L.A.H.R.M.Y.

3.BRING IT ON - One thing you'll learn about BLAHRMY is that their music is raw and straight the point and a perfect example is in this song when it starts with them saying "Bring it on mother fucker bring it on!" The beat is more laid back. A great song for background music as well.

4.NYTE TIME DERBY - This song starts of like a reggae song then goes into a mixture of drums, bass and scratching.

5.BIRDSTRIKE - This song starts off like an old school hip hop song with a full orchestra then you hear a plane land and kicks right off with a dj scratching and mixing vocal samples until BLAHRMY start rapping then near the end there's a crash and back at it. I really like the scratching in this song.

6.AH-YEAH - The beat of this song reminds me of blues, but features a ton of vocalizing mixed with scratching and a crowd cheering. Basically just a little instrumental break with catchy vocals and hi hat with dreams and scratching and what appears to be a blues guitar.

7.ON FIRE - This song starts off with a lot of scratching and has a very laid back style to it and it's appropriate since the song is apparently about smoking illegal substances.

8.GUARDIAN - GUARDIAN has a simple beat, but it's one of those that you're glad they didn't mess with and is a perfect song to just sit back and vibe to, not that experimenting is a bad thing.

9.DOUBLE WOBBLE - I have no idea what this song is about, but it features a lot of great rapping with piano.

10.POOR MAN WITH THE HORN - This song has an old school feel to it and features female vocals, very much like your old school hip hop that was mixed with R&B elements from the 80's. This is basically just another good instrumental track.

11. FUJISAWA ZOMBIE Pt.2 - This is the song I anticipated most after they released their Fujiawa Zombie single a last year so I knew this would be great. This song is along the same lines of the first one, but features R&B vocalizations and bass along side the rapping.

12. LIVE FROM THE UNDERGROUND - This song reminds me of a MSC song in terms of flow and beat and that's not a bad thing at all. Near the end it features samples of the group performing live then goes into a jazz like track that ends the song.

13.DLIPPIN' DA STAGE & PAGE - This song has a very low bass along with wind chime samples. Of course this song features the duo rapping as well.

14.ユキノメ -DEAD SERIOUS - The song title is correct, this song has a very serious feel to it with  vocalization and classical piano to it.

15.AFTER THE LAUGHTER (COMES...) - This is probably the most upbeat song on the album i n terms of beat and features uplifting violin and saxophone and is the perfect song to end an album on, a high note.

It's been two years since the release of BLAHRMY's sold-out EP was released and BLAHRMY did not disappoint this time with A REPORT OF THE BIRDSTRIKE. I still have no idea what it means, but I suppose that's the point. Look for this album to also sell out soon so you better get your copy soon! There is great hip hop if you look in the small city of Fujisawa in Kanagawa Japan. If BLAHRMY keep this up they will rightfully become very popular and very soon.


You can purchase A REPORT OF THE BIRDSTRIKE at HMV Japan


  1. i agree with you BLAHRMY is WAY too underground. i'm in love with their music since the "DUCK'S MOSS VILLAGE" ep. i hope they get the attention that they deserve pretty soon.

  2. No mention of lyrics???