Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fade - 天 TEN

Fade's follow up to Kings Of Dawn - appropriately called 天 TEN as 2012 marks the band's tenth year together - begins with the "In The End," a tune that will have one head banging until the last note.

And that's just the beginning of this powerhouse CD.

Usually, there's at least one song that I will skip over on CDs by even my most beloved artists, but 天 TEN seems to be one of the few exceptions. Though there are songs like "Reimei" and "Close To You" that are sung in Japanese, a language I do not speak or understand, the feel, the spirit of the meaning of the songs is still clear, resonating with the passion with which these artists play.

Jon's vocals soar strong and true, every emotion of every verse translating with each note that issues from his lips. Godo and Kansei's guitars mesh seamlessly - ok, I'm going to be blunt and just say this is one of the most together guitar duos out there. Godo playing with a bow a la Jimmy Page (in their track "Beautiful") and both he and Kansei trading off with mind blowing solos, the sound they create is nothing short of amazing. Noriyuki gives such great bass, especially prominent on "Keep The Faith," he literally makes my toes curl. Rui is quite simply a beast on the drums, there being no simple fills in his performance, each roll, each beat as powerful as the last.

This CD begs for an open road, a full tank of gas, and a caution sticker declaring a danger of whiplash and sore throats from the head banging and the inability to not sing at the top of your lungs "WHOA OH OH!! I LIVE TO DREAM 'CAUSE THAT'S ALL I GOT!!" ("Ever Free")

Quite simply, there is no reason anyone who's a fan of music shouldn't check out this latest offering from Fade. They may be based in Tokyo, but as any true music fan knows, music is universal - it matters not the origin, genre, or language, if it touches your heart, speaks to your soul, then it deserves to be heard.

TEN definitely deserves to be heard.

Video: "Close To You"

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