Thursday, July 12, 2012

FIREBALL (Japanese Reggae)

The Japanese reggae scene has seen an explosion of talent in recent years. From Ryo the Skywalker to 卍Line, and Def Tech, the Japanese music scene continues to embrace the irie culture. One of my personal favorite Japanese reggae bands is FIREBALL.

FIREBALL consists of four members:

If you see FIREBALL perform live, you might be confused to see more than four people on stage performing with  them. Providing FIREBALL's irie sound while touring is their supporting (back up) band, Home Grown. The two bands intermingle frequently, as seen in the Home Grown song "Stay with Me" featuring Criss from FIREBALL.

The music isn't even the best part about the band. The best part about this band to me is that they are incredibly friendly, despite being one of the biggest names in Japanese Reggae music. I first met the band in 2010, after the Kyoto Daisakusen. Criss held the elevator door open for me during a chance encounter at a hotel after the first night of the festival. It was a very limited encounter but I was thankful for the chance to praise his music in person, nonetheless.

The rest of the band I met at the after party to the festival. A whole bunch of awesome bands were in attendance that night, DragonAsh, 10-FEET, Home Grown, and of course, FIREBALL. Chozen Lee was at a table with Truthful and Jun4Shot when I walked up to him an introduced myself. I asked Lee, "Is that a Mighty Crown Hat?"

"You know Mighty Crown?" Lee asked.

"Of course I do." I replied. "I've seen some of the Mighty Crown DVD's. It's so awesome how you guys sell out the Bay Star's stadium in Yokohama. The feeling of performing in front of so many people must feel amazing.."

Lee laughed, and immediately introduced me to his team, Truthful and Jun4Shot, as well as a few members of Home Grown. It was awesome how nice they were to me, despite me having no real reason for being there, other than being Japan's more epic party crasher.

In 2011, I was walking around the streets of Yokohama during one of the city's matsuri festivals when I bumped in to Truthful, June4Shot and Simon ( of Mighty Crown ENT.) on the street. Both Truthful and June4Shot remembered me and Truthful yelled out, "Super Gaijin!" It was great!

I support great musicians who make great music. FIREBALL is just one of those bands that I love listening to, not just because the irie vibes are infectious, but because they are really, awesome individuals. Support great music, check out FIREBALL today!

FIREBALL's most recent release (ZERO) includes two extremely catchy tracks ZERO and my personal favorite, DREAMER.

Other FIREBALL songs worth checking out:
In Da Club


  1. I really love RYO and I really liked CHOZEN LEE's solo album. Another upcoming star in Reggae is RUEED and of course MANJI LINE is great as well, not putting the others down of course, just what I like best. Oh I also forgot BES and KENTY GROSS and MOOMIN, the list goes on and on, PUSHIM, RUMI xD So many!

  2. Oh could I forget the greatest reggae artist to come out of Osaka...RIP TERRY THE AKI-06 =( That man was reggae personified.

  3. Haha hell yeah Ryo. Japan's reggae scene is blowin' up. One of my other favorite Reggae bands is Hakai Hayabusa. Their music sounds more like Sublime's style of Reggae/Ska or whatever you classify it as, but its definitely some irie sh*t!