Thursday, July 12, 2012

REVIEW - Young Hastle - Can't Knock the Hastle

The other day I bought Young Hastle's new album off of iTunes and have been listening to it, well somewhat constantly or at least a lot every day. I've been a fan of Mr.Hastle for a while and was very excited for this new album, especially with all the great features and producers on it and the single Spell My Name Right pointed towards greatness as a whole. Read on to find out if you can in fact, Knock the Hastle.

1.I'm Nobody - This song has a really mellow beat, a kind that you heard a lot in the 90's, a sort of jazz feeling to it courtesy of PENTAXX.B.F. and it goes perfect with Young Hastle's smooth flow. The lyrics "I'm nobody, I need more money." are very catchy and one thing that makes a good hip hop song is the hook. Someone should really tell him he's not nobody, but I see the message he's trying to get across, very humble.

2.Spell My Name Right - I laughed when I first read the title of this song, I can see how people would call him Young "Hustle" from time to time and in this song he's determined to let you know how to spell his name. This song features beats by JIGG and it doesn't disappoint, a rapid fire of electronic samples and drum samples. Just in case you don't know, Young Hastle spells it out for you with a catchy hook you'll find yourself rapping along to. "Spell my name right, spell my name. I'mma spell my name one more time. It's a Y.O.U.N.G. H.A.S.T.L.E."

3.March 13th (Happy B-Day) feat. DJ TY-KOH - This song has such an upbeat, well beat, thanks to LUCHA, a song you could just bob your head to while singing along with Young Hastle and DJ-TY-KOH "Go homie it's your birthday, happy b-day homie! We gonna party cause it's your birthday!"  "Go shorty it's your birthday! We gonna party cause it's your birthday!" it has a nice trade off such as "Go TY-KOH it's your birthday!" "Go Hastle it's your birthday!" It's very upbeat and extremely catchy and very addicting to say the least.

4.Blackout - This song has a very mellow, slow R&B beat courtesy of JHETT A.K.A YAKKO and features JAZEE MINOR, who contributes some great soft vocals with auto-tune, they say some use it as a crutch, but JAZEE can sing regardless, I personally love auto-tune when used right.

5.History - History is pretty much a song about Young Hastle's life and his past relationships, specifically his ex-girlfriend, it features a very mellow beat with a lot of acoustic guitar, kind of like a mix of soft rock and hip hop. You can tell he's definitely over her when he says "Baby sorry, you are history." A very nice parring with the mood set up in Blackout. The beat is courtesy of THA KITCHEN

6.Gimme - Simple enough, he sees something he wants it so give it up! This beat, courtesy of UZK, has a very sort of dancehall-esque feeling to it. The lyrics, a nice trend that is throughout this album, are very catchy, especially the hook which has Young Hastle saying "Gimme that, gimme gimme gimme gimme that. I can't handle this, I can handle that."

7.Brother from Another Mother - This song features Young Hastle rapping about all of his friends and how they're like brothers to him, just from other another mother and features an amazingly beautiful beat which includes, piano, drums and I believe a harp. This is definitely the most emotional song on the album in terms of beat and that's saying something since History is a very personal song. This amazing beat is courtesy of JIGG as well. You'll definitely be singing along to the chorus.

8.Concentrate feat. BIG-T & Y's - This song has a more raw hip hop feeling and is all about concentrating and how you can't slip up in this game. It features BIG-T and Y's on guest vocals, the beat is courtesy of Flammable who apparently knows how to make a hot track. (Bad joke I know)

9.Don't You Ever - This song has a very old school hip hop feel to it, with clapping and a sort of R&B feel to it to mellow it out and features a sampling of some woman saying "Don't you ever" in the background, it's a song that really shows off Young Hastle's raw melodic rapping skills. The beat is courtesy of HirOshima.

10.Can't Knock the Hastle - This is his statement to the world and it's a big one so everyone in the game should listen carefully. This song has a very upbeat beat and is possibly the strongest on the album in terms of pure rapping, Young Hastle is making it clear that no matter what you do, no matter how much you hate, you CANNOT knock the hastle with the hook "You can't knock Young Hastle". This beat courtesy of JASHWON for B.C.D.M. is a very strong finish to a great album.
If there's one thing you will learn from this album, it is that Young Hastle is definitely one to pay attention to, not to mention put out yet another very strong release. Just remember for future reference, it's Y.O.U.N.G. H.A.S.T.L.E. 

You can check out Young Hastle at his blog via Ameblo and on Twitter. I purchased my copy of Can't Knock the Hastle off of iTunes US for not even $10! I'm pretty sure it's a global release though.

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