Monday, July 23, 2012

Song of the Day - A-THUG & DJ SPACE KID - Block Hustlers feat. HEAVY SMOKER, BLACK & TOP

I've never seen a PV for a song off a mixtape so this was really unique and EillyHustleHard can make some amazing videos. The video features fellow rappers HEAVY SMOKER, BLACK and TOP, I believe all are from the same hood. The video also features two beautiful young ladies named Yoshiko and Nozomi Ills. Not to leave him out this was produced by JoE IRoN

A-THUG has a new mixtape mixed by DJ SPACE KID that comes out tomorrow called HEAT CITY.

You can pick it up at HMV and Jetset Records (Have to wait until it's available they don't do overseas preorders) if you live overseas.

A-THUG - Twitter
DJ SPACE KID - Twitter
Dancer Yoshiko - Twitter
EillyHustleHard - Twitter
JoE IRoN - Twitter

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