Monday, July 2, 2012

Song of the Day - GOTHIC CIRCUS - Sads

As usual, when low on Song of the Day ideas, we look to Sads for inspiration and material. Generally it is hard to find disappointment - everything is EXACTLY what I'm looking for. 

Sometimes I wonder why Sads are still classified as "vkei", when it's pretty much been admitted that vkei is a shitty subculture focused on makeup and not music. Certainly, Kiyoharu is one of the Founding Fathers, but the things that vkei used to be and the things Kiyoharu and Sads are doing now, have very little to do with the "vkei" acts that are popular now.

Of course, then, I realise... maybe they're the real vkei. We'll never know it, due to the world's happy willingness to accept any new garbage that wears eyeliner and knows three chords as "visual shock" but, to me, this is going to be the REAL thing. And goddamit, this is the kind of music that inspires me to create, that inspires me to destroy. Not whatever host club boys are popular right now.

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