Friday, June 8, 2012

Song of the Day - Needless - Kuroyume 黒夢

Here we go, song of the day is late again... and Kiyoharu again. Oh well. As we've discovered before, my way of picking song of the day is basically hitting play on the "your mix" button. So, here you go! Kuroyume's Needless.

And, let's face it, Drug Treatment is probably Kuroyume's best album. I know I hated Fake Star, and, though I liked Corkscrew loads, and the indies were just okay, and I haven't heard their new albums in complete sort of way yet... well, 1990s Kuroyume, best album, hands down. 
Not sure why they still count as vkei, actually... well, really... I have no idea what vkei is supposed to mean. Is Kuroyume any less vkei than, say, LM.C?? I'm so confused how this is actually considered to be a genre... :/

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