Saturday, June 16, 2012

Top 5 from Nex

It's been a month, and I've only just begun posting. I never introduced myself yet, I'm Nex. Rising Sun Freestyle has grown a lot the past month, and it's because of readers like you, and the consistent effort from Ryo and Katherine. I'll do my best to live up to their standards.
So we're posting our top 5 bands, and talking about a recently discovered band.

Nex's top 5 are as follows:

  1. RIZE
  2. SiM
  5. Pay money To my Pain

SiM is a band I recently discovered, but I've got something planned for them already. I am going to talk about another band. They're called ANARCHY STONE. I discovered them by following another band on Twitter, and they were recommended, so I checked them out. Sometimes it's something that simple. They're a 3-piece all girl melodic punk rock band from Chiba. I know not everyone is up for female vocals, but if you like it, then check em out!

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