Saturday, June 16, 2012

Song of the Day - Gee - SUICIDEMAYA [SNSD cover]

Okay, before anyone laughs, I don't always listen to SNSD. Not nearly often enough to warrant owning a Genie poster of them - but it's okay, they're hot. However, here is a way to enjoy SNSD without having to turn in your man card (and/or Marauder badge). 

Now, I stumbled upon this after watching the TaeTiSeo debut music video - and I've gotta say, by the way, Twinkle is a catchy ass song. However, I would never be so MAINSTREAM as to actually post a pop video. Except, perhaps, Savage Garden but that doesn't count, they're vintage. xD

So, a few clicks into the territory of wtf, and I found myself listening to this metal cover of Gee. Loved it!!

Also, today is our first month anniversary. We'll all have some interesting stuff for you to read this weekend. 

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