Thursday, June 7, 2012

Song of the Day - I've Always Been Crazy - Waylon Jennings

For someone that lives in New York City and has lived there for a good decade, I have too much country music showing up on my I suppose it started with Johnny Cash and the Allman Brothers Band; there has always been a kind of murky area where you can't tell apart if it's blues, country, or classic rock. Oh well.

Anyway, here is the song of the day. Today we've picked Waylon Jennings, because, what the hell, why not. And, yes, shuffle is a VERY interesting function when my music library is involved. How interesting? Well, when you've listened to Girls Generation right after Survivor but after Chthonic, you tell me. 

And, yes, "song of the day" is basically whatever comes up on my first. It's more random than the New York Lottery.
Also, keep an eye on our Twitter page!  R.Y.O will have some AWESOME materials coming in.

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